Press Release

Balázs Remenyik gained an entry to the 2017 iRacing World Championship Grand Prix Series. The Hungarian driver finished 11th in the qualifying series obtaining his Pro/WC license. Balázs will be driving the #17 Vortex Simracing car in the series.
This achievement could not have been possible without the help of fellow Vortex drivers Luis Omar Rodríguez Sobarzo and Thomas Bouché, who joined the team mid-season. The Vortex driver was also helped by Lukas Gotsch of MSP Drivers Home, Steve Michaelsichaels and Jack Keithley.
The World Championship will start on the 4th of March at the Autodromo José Carlos Pace.
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It was a long and difficult season in the Indycar Ovals Open Series, but Marco Brasil completed a great season with some impressive stats: 11 pole positions, finishing with 7 wins and 22 races in the top 5 at a total of 25 starts. After the last race Marco lead the championship by 25pts in front of Paul Jennings and finally archived his dream by winning the Indycar Oval Open Series title.


The field was very balanced between the top drivers throughout the season: Joe Branch, Brandon Trost , Joe Flanagan , Vinicius Gotardelo , Paul Jennings , Bradley Walters , Rob Unglenicks and Marco were always very close on the championship table. Due to a lot of late starts of the races (late afternoon), the temperatures were also low respectively, which led to great race action between the top drivers.

“I am very happy ! I have to first thank Charles Berger for believing in me since the first day I arrived in the team. He taught me a lot and also calmed my Brasilian temperament during the races. I came a long way to win this title: 4th position in 2014, 5th in 2015 even due to my connection problems which led to various disconnections.”, tells us a very happy Marco.