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It was a long and difficult season in the Indycar Ovals Open Series, but Marco Brasil completed a great season with some impressive stats: 11 pole positions, finishing with 7 wins and 22 races in the top 5 at a total of 25 starts. After the last race Marco lead the championship by 25pts in front of Paul Jennings and finally archived his dream by winning the Indycar Oval Open Series title.


The field was very balanced between the top drivers throughout the season: Joe Branch, Brandon Trost , Joe Flanagan , Vinicius Gotardelo , Paul Jennings , Bradley Walters , Rob Unglenicks and Marco were always very close on the championship table. Due to a lot of late starts of the races (late afternoon), the temperatures were also low respectively, which led to great race action between the top drivers.

“I am very happy ! I have to first thank Charles Berger for believing in me since the first day I arrived in the team. He taught me a lot and also calmed my Brasilian temperament during the races. I came a long way to win this title: 4th position in 2014, 5th in 2015 even due to my connection problems which led to various disconnections.”, tells us a very happy Marco.

And what a result it was in the Saturdays iWCGPS race, which was held at Okayama. Again a solid qualification was very important to have a possibility to score a result inside the top ten after 83 exhausting laps. At Okayama, a track well known for very rare overtaking possibilities, Michael did well in qualification and placed himself in P10 on the grid.


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Classic Indycar Series visited Laguna Seca last Sunday for Round 5 of the 2016 season. Vortex Simracing entered 2 cars for this race: #1 Robert Grosser and #33 Timo Isoniemi.
After a strong Qualifying, Timo started from the outside of Row 1, while Robert was right behind on the outside of Row 2. The race was scheduled for 87 laps, so both Vortex drivers decided to go for a 2-stop strategy.
Timo and Robert had a strong start and were holding P2 and P3 in the early stage of the race. Robert lost a spot to Lucas Laville, who went off track at the start. Short prior the first stop, Lucas also closed the gap to Timo and made the pass. So Vortex was down to P3 & P4. After the first sequence of pistops, Timo had a big moment when he lost the rear on cold tyres. The following car (Karsten Brodowy) saw Timo spinning to the right, so decided to pass on the left. But unfortunatelly Timo’s car then regained grip and moved to the left. A collision was not avoidable. On his way back to the pits, Timo got rear-ended by another driver, which ended his race in a promising position.
Robert kept P3 during most of the race. Only the pit-sequence changed that for a while. Late in the race, leader Mark Ussher spun, so Robert was able to make it to P2. A late full course caution in lap 68 closed the gap to leader Laville. So the race was very open at that stage. Lucas was pulling a gap after restart, while Mark Ussher was keeping the pressure up. Finally Ussher made the pass, heavily inspired by the 1996 “The Pass” into the Corkscrew corner.
So the Final result was Laville in P1, who was able to manage the gap over Ussher. Robert finished a solid P3, losing valuable points in the overall standings to leader Laville.
Vortex driver Denis Garese had to sit out this round, but is still 4th in the overall standings.

Our partner Joel Real Timing was giving away a free pro-license key for his Software App to the driver who gained the most positions. Thanks to JRT for the great support!

Next round will be held on July 10th at Road America. This race will be broadcasted by Racespot TV, starting at 17:00 GMT!

Top ten in sight

Everything was settled in for Michael during the iWCGPS at Montreal. With a great P9 during qualification, again he was in a good spot to score a top ten result. But a bad start ruined his chances to score his second top ten result after Sebring.

At the start, Michael had problems to engage his first gear. Because of that he lost a couple of positions to his opponents around him. Luckily he was able to avoid all incidents in the tight opening laps at Montreal and found himself back in P14 after that. Before the one and only pit stop he worked his way around Saito and Simpson. To gain more track position he decided to go for an early pit stop. With a clear track in front of him he was able to make the best use of its fresh tires. After everyone around him made their one and only pit stop, Michael found himself back in the top ten. In the middle part of the race he was forced to do some fuel saving in order to cross the finish line. Sadly he was not able to defend his position to Saito and lost his top ten spot again. After 70 exhausting laps around the barrier jungle of Montreal, Michael crossed the checkered flag in P11.

With 50% of the series calender now being done, Michael occupies P13 in the overall standings.


Montreal 1 Montreal 2 Montreal 3 Montreal 4 Montreal 5 Montreal 6 Montreal 7 Montreal 8

Close to a top ten result

The weekend started well again for Michael. He was able to put the Vortex machine at P13 on the grid. Again, a very good qualification from him with lots of potential to finish inside the top ten.

With a good start, he was able to gain one position and put himself behind the top ten running cars. After doing his one and only pit stop, the battle for P10 was getting more intense. Pahkala was working its way torwards the top ten but lost it on the exit of club corner, ruining his chances to score a top ten after a decent qualification from him. Haapala tried to work its way around Barone at the last laps of the race. With a top ten result directly ahead of his visior, Michael tried everything at the closing stages of the race to grab one position. He tried to take advantage of the situation ahead between Haapala and Barone but was not able to complete the pass for a top ten result. At the end he scored a well deserved P11.

S6 S5 S4 S3 S2 S1

After a short break at Monza, Vortex was back into the business at Watkins Glen. Michael showed his best ever qualification performance at the iWCGPS and put the Vortex McLaren MP4-30 on the 8th spot of the grid.

Right after the started he gained one position and was chasing the lead group. But immediately at lap two he was struggling with his car. He had to battle dramatic understeer making it unable for him to follow the cars ahead. Instead of battling up front he was losing a lot of positions due to the bad handling of his car. Approaching the pit stop Michael found himself into P18. A few laps into the last stint his car was slowly working better than in the beginning of the race. This helped him to regain some of the spots he lost. At the end he finished the race in a solid P15.

Watkins 5 Watkins 4 Watkins3 Watkins2 Watkins1